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Blame it on the Mistletoe


Eli Easton

A Christmas novella

When physics grad student Fielding Monroe and skirt-chaser and football player Mick Colman become college housemates, they’re both in for a whole new education. Mick looks out for the absent-minded genius, and he helps Fielding clean up his appearance and discover all the silly pleasures his strict upbringing as a child prodigy denied him. They become best friends.

It’s all well and good until they run into a cheerleader who calls Mick the ‘best kisser on campus.’ Fielding has never been kissed, and he decides Mick and only Mick can teach him how it’s done. After all, the physics department’s Christmas party is coming up with its dreaded mistletoe. Fielding wants to impress his peers and look cool for once in his life. The thing about Fielding is, once he locks onto an idea, it’s almost impossible to get him to change his mind. And he just doesn't understand why his straight best friend would have a problem providing a little demonstration.

Mick knows kissing is a dangerous game. If he gives in, it would take a miracle for the thing not to turn into a disaster. Then again, if the kissing lessons get out of hand they can always blame it on the mistletoe.

I knew I was going to love this story the moment Mick Colman said this line “Piss off,oh ye of the cleavage-which-shall-not-be-touched.”  
Truer words have never been spoken with Fielding Monroe is in the picture.  This starts out as a typical jock/geek friendship,  and then Mick meets “The Force of Fielding”  Geek boy Fielding has NEVER been kissed and wants the “the best kisser on campus” to show him the ropes.  After many rejections Mick gives into Fielding and kisses him.

 “I fail to see your point.  Are you suggesting that because I’m male, you can’t kiss me the same way you’d kiss a female?”

 Awaken deep desires 101,  what Mick feels when he kisses Fielding is not possible, he is not gay. 
“I had no clue what I was going to do with a male, or how to do it, but I knew I was going to do it right goddamn now or die.”

In the end does the Geek get the Jock??

“For the first time in my life, I was in love.  I was in love with a guy.  I was in love with Fielding Monroe.”

This is a short and fun read about two best friends living together. One of them is Fielding Monroe, a genius but socially-awkward and inexperienced when it comes to life. No, really. His mom had him isolated because of him being a prodigy and he was always kept busy with classes and had time for nothing else.

His best friend and housemate is Mick Colman, an ex-jock with the reputation of a Casanova, practically. He has been even dubbed by the college cheerleader squad as being ‘the best kisser on campus’. Their lives are different but since Mick wanted to concentrate more on his studies and less on partying and flings, he needed the different that was Fielding.
Until Fielding drops a bomb on his lap, that is.

It all starts with him asking Mick to teach him how to kiss for Mick to start having doubts about certain things and for him to really start analyzing his past. He gives into his best friend’s request, only to have his doubts increase. And his frustration.
It takes him almost losing Fielding to realize how things truly are and he gives Fielding what he had wanted: a kiss underneath the mistletoe at the party.

Cute and short but fun read, you see and experience the feelings, the frustration and confusion of Mick, as it’s told from his POV but we also get glimpses of Fielding. I loved them. Really. Mick may be an ex-jock but he’s not an arrogant and insufferable jerk. As for Fielding, he may be a genius but he’s so cute and geeky, there’s no way for anyone to not like him. Genius or not, he’s not conceited and he’s curious and determined to get what he wants. And in the end, he does because what he’s wanted was Mick. 

“It was completely, irrefutably, down to the mistletoe”

I absolutely love a good nerdy character and that is exactly what Fielding is. Not only that, but with Mick’s persistence with being healthy he is a very well rounded nerd.  He is like a cross between Sheldon Cooper and Tom Brady. I want one for myself!!

As for Mick, he too seems like a well rounded person, and despite his "player" ways, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Making the changes necessary to better himself, that's when he tumbles upon Fielding Monroe.

This truly was an adorable, short, get you in a good mood for Christmas, love story and I'm glad to have read it. I'll admit, it even brought a few tears to my eyes :) That damn Fielding just gets to your heart ;) 

I give it 4+ Mistletoe kissing stars


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