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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blue Moon: Too Good to be True by A.E. Via

I'll admit, it didn't grab me from the very first page, as it happens in some cases but still, when it did? It didn't let me go. Granted, I had to put it down a few times but only because it was too much. In the good way, of course.

It all starts with infamous club owner, Angel DeLucca having had enough of meaningless one-nightstands. He wants forever with the perfect guy he can't seem to find. Angel is described as the wealthy businessman, with long dark hair - courtesy of his Spanish roots - that he always keeps tied back and braided because everyone wants to touch it. Everyone envies it. I have to admit, I do to too. He's actually a pretty sensitive guy but that does not make him less of a man. He is gorgeous but unhappy.

Until a scorned almost-lover pulls the fire alarm, bringing the firefighters out to his club, thus introducing Maximus 'Max' Strong to him, a straight man who feels the pull to another man. This of course, freaks him out because he had just ended a relationship with a woman.

He can't stay away from Angel and the latter doesn't really give him a choice.

But this book isn't just about how Angel and Max fall in love. No, it's two stories in one book. Both of them happening almost at the same time.

The other hot couple is Max's very own, gay and out older brother, Ryker and Angel's Security Chief, Sebastian 'Bass' Bagetteli, who also happens to be a Dom.

Now, this part of the story, with these two, is BDSM. Not a fan of the genre but I liked this one.

Ryker has always been responsible for his younger brother. He always took care of Max. This made him secretly yearn and crave for someone to, in turn, take care of him. He wanted someone he could lose control with. Better yet, leave all the controlling to the other person. He has a nasty experience with a Dom and is scared of going through it all again.

But Bass is a gentle Dom. He's a Master Dom and the attraction is instant. Though Ryker fights it, at first - for obvious reasons - he does give in to Bass, realizing he is the perfect Dom and he is his.

But it isn't just an M/M book with these two couples. It has a little bit of angst, a whole lot of action and a heck of a lot of hot men.

And this is where I introduce to you, the Beastmasters.

They are none other than Angel's dad, Shot and his friends, brothers. Angel's overprotective uncles. My favorite of them? Hawk. He got the name because he knows all and sees us. This sometimes pisses the others off.

They are badass men who had fought alongside each other and had formed their very own family. They took in Max, naming him Ace.

I cannot wait for the second book in the series because we get teased in this one with Shot and a very sexy cop, along with Hawk and Max's best friend.

All in all, I really liked the book. It has it all. Love. Hot sex. Hot men. Action. Angst. And it's also damn funny because really, that many guys are bound to crack jokes and laugh at one another.

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