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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dirty Deeds by Se Jakes

Dirty Deeds
(Dirty Deeds #1)
Se Jakes

Two seasoned operatives finally meet their match: each other.

Cillian works for the mysterious Special Branch 20: an organization that runs black ops commissioned by the British government. His specialty is deep undercover assignments with virtually no support. He’s been alone for so long that he no longer knows anything else.
Mal’s also used to being alone. Wanted in several states and even more countries, he’s not allowed in the vicinity of any of his former Navy SEAL teammates. And his current assignment is to track Cillian in order to discover the spook’s endgame. Except he’s no longer sure which one of them is getting played.
Cillian isn’t about to let the mission that’s consumed him for the past several years crumble because an outsider is poking around where he doesn’t belong. But Mal forces his way through Cillian’s defenses—and into his heart—exposing a devastating betrayal that could destroy them both.

"Fuck No".....Well Cillian and I are on the same page damn page.  Se has did it again, completely blown my mind with her mad writing skills.  Never expected that my big bad ass Mal could catch Prophet's neighbor Cillains eye, well I say eye, more like his dick, LOL.  I met Mal in the "Hell or High Waters" series and was instantly intrigued with him, especially with Prophet telling Tom not to have any contact with Mal.  I'm a sucker for the "mystery man",  and I was not far off on my assesstment of Seamus Dwyer aka Mal.  Even though they meet and hook up at a club, Cillian has no idea that the man he is hooking up with is the man that he is currently in a long distance sexting relationship online.  

“Letting me know your email address. Big step. Sure you're ready for that kind of commitment?"
"I'm pretty sure I want you to shut up and open your ass for me.” 

So, lets talk about the "sexting";  this has got to be the sexist, dirtiest word play that I have ever read, I literally read this with my tongue hanging out. (May have even licked my Kindle screen a couple of times, but this is hypothetical.)  

"Can I leave marks? Good.  Because I'm pushing you down on your knees.  You're going to suck me until I come.  I might let you come.  If're not touching yourself, are you, Cillian?"~~MAL

Cannot wait for the next 2 books in the series, because how I started this review is how I will end it "Fuck No"!!!

I give Dirty Deeds 4 Stars

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