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~*Blog Stop*~ Seeing Double by A. Lusch


The man-hunt is under way, and David’s keen to a snag a husband without having to complete every date of his 52 First Dates challenge. With several successful meets behind him, there’s a growing feeling of confidence that his search could actually work. But now that the novelty’s worn off, finding the motivation to keep going is about to become harder.
David finds himself trying to juggle meeting new men and providing a shoulder to cry on his to battered and pregnant friends. And, with a plethora of hotties vying for his attention, things are about to get more complicated.

Seeing DOUBLE is a 13,000K SHORT STORY, or about 37 pages.

Release Date

February 10th, 2014

Book 1: The Man PLAN

Book 2: Friends and FRENCHMEN

Book 3: Seeing Double

A. Lusch lives in London and has been though much of the same path as David – in fact – this series is based around true events.

Of course, there is MUCH more to come in the tale, but, don’t worry, now the scene is set, there’ll be many more dates per book. Is there a happy ending in sight? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

A. Lusch fully believes in never settling, always striving for the perfect match, and never giving up on your man once you’ve found him – oh, and eating A LOT of donuts!

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1: what's your favorite restaurant?
I don't have a specific fav restaurant as such; but anywhere that does sushi. I love sushi!! I was in Canada last month and found the most delicious little Japanese place down by the lake. YUM.

I'm also a big fan of takeout; Chinese, pizza, Indian. Anyone who wants to deliver to my door - yes please! :P

2: what's your favorite room to decorate?
I'll put this out there - I don't really like decorating. I like the planning phase...getting together ideas, using Pinterest to pull fabric, furniture, flooring options, but the actual nitty gritty?  I need to get over this though, because I'm planning on building my own house in the next couple of years!! 

3: if one song could be the soundtrack to your life, what would it be?
Ooh, this is hard. I'm going to say Judy Garland's 'Get Happy'. You know, there's so much trouble and chaos in life that it's easy to get bogged down. Of course, we have to be serious, stand up for what we believe in and strive to better ourselves, but sometimes we just need to "Forget your troubles, come on get happy.You better chase all your cares away."

 4: This story is based off true events, does that mean you are actually doing the 52 dates? and are you writing in real time?
DID do the 52 First Dates challenge, so it's now in the past. I'm embellishing the story a little and working in some extra men who weren't necessary part of my challenge experience but who I did cross paths with at some time. So, it's not based in real time...I think trying to write stories about it and do it simultaneously would be a nightmare! 

5: if money were no object, what's one thing you'd buy?
An island. Without a shadow of a doubt. BUT - you might think I'm weird - it wouldn't be a tropical place. I live in London and spent a lot of my youth in Scotland and the Lake District. So I'd buy a little island where I could build a house and live out a little quiet existence enjoying the seasons, growing food, having sheep, cows whatever. If there was a little money left over I'd get a helicopter so I could travel back and forth easily. ;) 

6: best coffee table book?
Something with hot naked men in it?! Probably a hardback book from Rick Day or Michael Stokes. I'd have to hide it away when the parents came over, of course..... 

7: what's your favorite way to spend lazy Sundays?
You know; I always just presumed Sundays were about sex! Then I grew up and realised you have to have someone with you to do that. LOL. Seriously though, a slow wake with sun streaming through the blinds, a passionate embrace and then a cup of tea and some time on the iPad. Bliss. That's what I'd do in a perfect world.
Of course, it's more like, wake up quickly because the cat's vomiting at the end of the bed, the dog wants a walk and then the whole day is frittered away on chores! 

8: where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration?
I find my mind is a very busy place and I'm like a sponge; I soak up experiences all over the place. Also, with these books I'm writing from a nostalgic point of view, so I don't really have to look for obscure sources. 

Favorite color?
Annie Lennox
Ack! Too many....Fifth Element
Heath Ledger, RIP
Kathy Bates
Book Boy Friend?
You know...I always thought I'd be good friends with Neville Longbottom!
Place to visit?
Tel Aviv
Abs or buns?


David- How did you meet Jess?
Hey, very simple, at university. I was a bit stupid at uni and flunked my first year. All my graphic design buddies moved on to year two and I had to start over. The silver lining, however, was that Jess was just starting. We had to go on a field trip, I didn't know anyone, and she was the first person to reach out to me. We've been friends ever since. 

Do you have any  male friends? It seems like they are all hookups.
Yeah, in all honesty, I've never had male friends. I have acquaintances, people who I can chill out with, but if I'm anywhere near a nice guy, I'd probably fall for them. Perhaps I should make friends with a straight guy; that way we really could only be friends. Though, actually, not a good idea. If we ever had a drink I'd probably end up wanting to convert him. :P

If you could chose between the twins, which one do you chose?? ((say Alex, say Alex!))
It's funny; Theo was very much like 'pick me, Alex is always out and about, a partier. Come out with me.' However, after hanging out with Theo, I'm thinking there's more excitement with Alex. There just seems to be a better emotional connection as well as the physical one. 

Is it hard following the rules?
YES! You've probably noticed that I like to get a little frisky. When I like someone, I want to get frisky even more so. Though, hopefully in the long run, not having sex straight away will help develop a relationship.

What do you notice first in a prospect? What are major characteristics you look for in a date?
I'm one picky guy. They have to be hot. I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm shallow, but this is someone I'm spending the rest of my life with. I have to be attracted to them, there has to be that spark. Without it there's only one way for dates to head to; you just can't create a non-existing spark...there has to be something there to start with.

After that, I've got to try and gauge what they're looking for. A hookup is fine, but be genuine and truthful. Actually, that's it. Someone who's genuine and truthful. If you only want to hookup, tell me. I'm much more likely to have some fun with you and not get emotionally attached. That way no one gets hurt; there's no miscommunication. 

As of now, which one is your favorite date? worst? and why?
You know, Prana's still my favourite date - even though it didn't work out. There's a fondness in my heart I have for that guy. I don't know how, but he really crept under my skin in those few hours. Rav too...I know we're only having hookups, but he's managed to get a grip on me. I probably shouldn't admit that - that's leading to trouble. As for bad dates - I haven't really had any yet. I mean, I was mighty pissed off Matt, but he didn't even show so you can't really call it a date.

Would you relocate if your found Mr. Right?
I think I would, under the right circumstances. You know, I have a mortgage right now, so moving wouldn't be simple. But for love, for forever love, you just HAVE to move, you can't let those things pass you by.

If you find Mr. Right, do you think children will be in your future?
I'm not a fan, and it's strange because when I was growing up, the biggest difficulty I had to cope with was that I probably wouldn't have children if I was gay. That was a major thing for me, and made my coming to terms with who I was extremely difficult. Now I'm older? I just think I'm too selfish and impatient to have kids. I think it's harder too...I mean, most of my straight friends have had kids by accident. If you sit down and plan about having children, there's never enough money yet, or you're not in the right house, or you need to consider a different job. With two guys, well, that accident just isn't going to happen.
That said, if Mr. Right was desperate for kids, then I wouldn't stand in his way.

and with that, we wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Thanks SO much. I hope I find Mr. Right, and soon. I don't want to end up meeting 52 men and realising that none of them are the one - that'd be awful!!

     This is almost like a Julie and Julia of gay men dating.

It's based off a true story of one Man searching for love...of course in its length you don't get the full effect, but so far it is very interesting and sweet. 

     I am definitely caught up in David's dating journey!! Go David, go!!!

Dave sure Had Me rolling at the "cocks and clams" comment!!

I cannot wait until these stories get longer..I'm becoming greedy little clam in the world of David's dating life! 

This series is a 4 star for me

This series consists of several novellas. So far, there are three. The series is about David, a British gay man living in London and who’s sick and tired of being single. He’s thirty-three and considers it high time for him to get himself a husband. Easier said than done when all he does is shag his way through the gay community. 

So, this is where his plan comes in. 

The Man Plan is where we meet David and learn his brief story of dating. Better said, shagging. Because he does that regularly. He may not have had a stable relationship for a decade but he did keep fuck-buddies. And he plans on still keeping them, even after he comes up with the fifty-two first dates plan. He even has rules for this plan. Go on a first date with potential husband/soul-mate material gay guys. Second and third dates are accepted but the first dates have to continue. So, a new guy once a week, every week, for an entire year. He starts putting his plan into action.

Friends and Frenchmen is about David going to his second first date after the first one not being the best. Well, at first he thought it was but then the guy never called or sought him out. But David is not discouraged. He follows the plan and the rules, though he’s tempted to break a few. See, no shagging the guy he goes on a date with. And that is pretty hard for a guy like David to follow. He still keeps his gay hook-up app on his phone and checks it out whenever he can, thus stumbling upon a hot Greek guy, Theo. But there’s something that does not add up. At first. Theo quickly clears that for David and the readers: he has a gay twin brother.

Seeing Double shows us how David and his plan progresses. After a few dates falling through, not becoming second and third dates, David seems to come across one guy that could be his soul-mate. But his hopes are dashed when his potential soul-mate leaves the country. After encouragement from his friends, he gets right back on the horse but for the first time in his life, gets stood up. Twice by the same guy. But oh, fate has a twisted way of playing games and David encounters both twins, first Theo then Alex after being stood up. He breaks his rule for Theo because the lust was too much but with Alex it’s different.

What will happen? I don’t know but I am very curious. I was given an ARC of Seeing Double but I’ll rate the entire series a 4 star-read. I’m not one to read novellas with the same characters but this is an exception and I’ll gladly read the next one/ones to see how David’s doing and if he ends up with one of the twins or neither. I’m kinda rooting for Alex.

1~”Roll my ass out of bed”  P
2~”Drug my ass to the kitchen for coffee” P
3~”Found some ass for today” PP
Now facing the dilemma of seeing double, has he finally met the husband of his dreams?

By the way, I only just had a peak of Alex and he is now the front runner in my book.



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