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Thursday, July 10, 2014

~*Blog Tour*~ Take by Ella Frank


TAKE – verb: to reach for and hold in one’s hands or get into one’s possession, power or control. 

Logan Mitchell is a man who’s always been more than happy to take what he wants. It’s a philosophy that’s proven lucrative in both his business and personal life, and never was it more apparent than the night he laid eyes on Tate Morrison. After pulling out all the stops and convincing the sexy bartender to give him a try—he’s hooked. 

Now, Logan finds himself in a predicament that demands more from him than a smart-ass answer and his innate ability to walk away when things get too deep. 

He has a choice to make, and it’ll force him to do something he’s never done before—take a chance.

Tate Morrison knows all about taking a chance. He took the biggest one of his life the night he showed up at Logan’s apartment to explore his unexpected reaction to the man. 

Ever since then, he’s thought about little else.

At first he was convinced his attraction was based solely on his body’s curiosity. But the more time he spends with the silver-tongued lawyer, the more Tate realizes that their physical chemistry is only the beginning. 

He’s starting to catch a glimpse of what life with Logan would be like, and it’s one full of excitement and satisfaction—a far cry from what he had in the past with his soon to be ex-wife.

Each man will face their fears as they begin to understand the true meaning of give and take. Their feelings for one another will be tested, as will their very beliefs. But now that they’ve found love where they least expected it, will they be brave enough to reach out and take it?

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Releasing July 8, 2014



“That’s your truck?”


“It’s so…”

“So what?” Logan challenged as he pulled his keys from his pocket.


“Excuse me. I’ll have you know I was driving this baby all through college and she still runs like a dream.”

Tate watched as Logan walked over to run his hand over the scratched-up tailgate, and he was amazed that he even made that look sexy. Like he was stroking a lover.

“And it’s a she, huh?”

Now around at the passenger’s side, Logan opened the door and looked at him over the bed of the truck. “Yeah. Jealous?”

Laughing, Tate walked over to where Logan stood with a hand on the door and kissed him slowly on the mouth. 

“I’m jealous of anything you stroke like that.”

“Get in the truck, Tate.”

“Or else?”

Logan stepped forward, crowding him back against the inside frame of the vehicle. “You’re not ready for the or else…”


Ella Frank is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She writes both contemporary and erotic fiction and is best known for her Exquisite Series, Try and her most recent novel Veiled Innocence.

The minute she began her love affair with reading, she became and avid supporter of the romance genre and has never looked back. 

Ella is Australian born and bred but currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband.

This book was like "coming home".

I'm sooooo glad our boys are back, and they're back like never before. What you thought you loved about them before is about to be blown out of the water

Where Logan was cocky funny, and trust me he still is, he's also "growing up" and to see this side of our boys just makes me all warm and fuzzy and so, so proud.

There was a point, due to emotions, that I actually had to stop and go for a walk and then come back to it.

Its like Ella is a surgeon, she cut me open, gutted me, filled me with rainbows and glitter and some other happy shit, and sewed me back together again.~Me

 You could say I love this book, but it'd be an understatement. I haven't loved a couple like this since Ty and Zane.

 These guys rock my world.
**I give this book * 5 Tempting Stars**


Genre crossing is not easy, but when an author crosses over and completely floors me in her first book, I’m thinking it’s a fluke, first time charm and all that shit.  I so happy to say that is not the case when it comes to Ella Frank.  This lady knows M/M, in such a way that I am dumbfounded in how she can pull me in, keep me searching for more and then dropping a shit ton of bricks on my head.  That is what I felt like at the words “THE END” in this book.  I fell in love with Logan & Tate in TRY, she set the bar very high for her next book in The Temptation Series called TAKE.  But damn if she didn’t surpass that bar,  she is a force to be reckoned  within the M/M genre.

The book starts off where TRY left off and starts a rollercoaster ride that is Logan & Tate.  It’s a heart stopping, breathe gasping, thrill ride from start to finish.  We get a glimpse of hurt, pain and finally trust that is the Pure Fucking Temptation of Tate Morrison.  We also see what a wonderful, caring and trusting person Logan Mitchell can be when he is faced with the one thing he NEVER thought he could want:  a relationship!

"All he'd once dreamed of was right there within reach. All he had to do was reach out and take it."

Un.Believable. Holy wow!

Yeah... Not gonna happen. You know why? Because it was amazing! I thought I loved Try, the first one. I thought that was unbelievable, with Logan being an arrogant smartass and Tate the shy and confused one. Well, this one is so. Much. Better. It's... simply MORE. Ella did a fantastic job, showing and telling what the characters were feeling, what they were thinking. Everything they experienced, the reader does too. From Tate's dirty side we wouldn't have expected, to Logan's vulnerable side that's hidden underneath all that cockiness. One can say that the table has been turned. The characters have evolved and so has their relationship. 
There were funny moments. OMG moments. Holy hell moments. No way moments. Oh, ooooh now THAT's hot moments. And my personal favorite, are you freaking kidding me? Because yes, THAT is what I thought of the ending. Then I thought, when is the third due? 
One cannot help but simply fall further in love with Ella's writing, her style and the way she delivered this story. It feels like coming home, from the very first page; like you're visiting old friends. And you feel like overstaying your welcome and never leave. Can't wait for the next one! Five stars. Period.

Fave quotes:

Logan leaned across the table and took the pencil from him. "You want me to play with your pencil, Tate?"
"Hilarious. The sharpener is right by you. You just have to pick it up and slide it in."

"You might have done the chasing in the beginning, but Logan..."
"I've never been happier than when you caught me."

"You make me crazy and furious and out of my mind with need, but in the end, you make me so fucking happy. I can't ever remember feeling this way. And no one is going to tell me it's wrong. No one." ~ Tate


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