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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blue Moon II: This is Reality by A.E. Via


Title: Blue Moon II: This is Reality
Author:  A. E. Via
Release Date: 9/26/2014

I remember first talking with A.E. 
She asked if we had time to read and review her first book, Blue Moon. I immediately said yes for the opportunity, as we were just starting out ourselves. It was insta-love, just like Max and Angel. And of course, with that, gives you room to grow more love. She then asked if we would beta read for You Can See Me. Already loving her work, there was NO way we were saying no. 

There was already a "growth" in her writing. With every book, A.E. just gets better and better. She is like a fine wine, over time, its perfection. Every new book she writes, I keep saying "This is her best yet". That certainly holds true for Blue Moon 2. These guys were a fat favorite and I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on Hawk. She didn't let me down either. It was everything I thought it would be and more.

This book was so emotional and action packed. The characters and story line were just brilliant and I didn't want it to end. 
She had me on a roller coaster of emotions, happiness, fear, anger, but most importantly, love. 

We also get introduced to 2 new characters, and I am really hoping she considers a future book for them. I think they deserve a story, as they, and their order, are VERY intriguing. 

So A.E., I just want to congratulate you on yet another winner. You truly are an amazing author with fantastic stories and I can't wait for future books. You have fastly become a personal favorite, and I hope one day I get to meet you in person and, of course, get some book signage. I think that will be part of my Mecca LOL 

5 stars for me

This was the sequel to Blue Moon: Too Good to be True but it can be read as a standalone. I read both. In fact, BMTGtbT was my second M/M book, if I remember correctly. Really liked it. 

This one was just as good. Just like the first, we had two relationships that needed to happen, pronto. And they did, after a few heartbreaking scenes. And ones where I wanted to shake some sense into the characters.

Hawk & Pierce. Shot & Fox. Liked both couples but, somehow, I liked Fox, as a character, the most.

The hot scenes were few but they were exactly that --- hot. 

Action-packed scenes, because really, the Beastmasters. They're badass and they kick ass. 

I gladly recommend it to any M/M lover and I will read more with these characters. Yes, here's me, hoping there will be more. Say... ***SPOILER*** like Alpha & Call? 

4 1/2 stars. Hot guys? Check. Hot scenes? Check. The feels? Check. Hold-your-breath scenes? Check. 

***Copy given by author in exchange of honest review***

“They were moving on to love.”

Last year when I picked up this really funny titled book Blue Moon To Good To Be True,  I never realized that this book would be one of my “go to” books when I was in a book slump. 
 When it was suggested to Adrienne to give us more “Beastmasters” I waited patiently, waited even though Hawk quit speaking to her, even when she told us he was being an ass and would not loosing up and relax to tell her his story.  But after a couple of bottles of wine, he finally let go and gave her his story.  

 Then Ms. A gave him to us, and sweet baby Jesus what a story he had to tell.  As with all her previous books I could not put it down, wonderfully written story, great action and some new character interaction.  The running storyline of two couples so spot on, Even though she is relatively new to the genre she has yet to give me a book that wasn’t truly captivating and leaves with such a warm feeling inside.

This book was given to me by the author for my honest review!

A.E. Via graduated in May of 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Virginia Wesleyan College.
She's a new author to the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.
When she's not clicking away at her laptop, A.E. runs a very successful paralegal-for-hire business and in her spare time, she devotes herself to her family - a husband and four children - her two pets, a Maltese dog and her white Siamese cat, ELynn, named after the late great gay romance author ELynn Harris.
While Blue Moon is her first novel, she has plenty more to sit back and grab a cool drink, because the male on male action is just heating up!

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