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‧:❉:‧ BLOG TOUR ‧:❉:‧ ~ ✴‧:❉:‧Take to the Sky‧:❉:‧✴ by Gregory Jonathan Scott ♡

Book Title: Take To The Sky
 Author: Gregory Jonathan Scott 
Publisher: Gregory Jonathan Scott LLC; 2 (October 14, 2014)
 Book Length: 255 pages 
Genre: Gay, Romance 

 Book Blurb: 
An angelic romance that’s Powerful, Suspenseful, Sexy, Uniquely Erotic, and Romantic. In a secret Michigan Laboratory, an experiment developed a superior creation that was anticipated but not expected. He was the ultimate conception, a core life-being merged with avian. He was born with a gift, a rare one; the ability to fly. His wings instinctively brought out the urge in him to fly, and Kellan's need to be free became his obsession. When the dark, swirling clouds loomed one night, Kellan abandoned the place he had called home, taking to the sky in search of his freedom and to seal his heart that seemed incomplete. Because Kellan's secret was too great for anyone outside the institute to know about, TC unleashed genetically altered Maniacs to bring him back. Through independence, his amazing reality brought riveting adventures to a man he found and couldn't seem to live without. They get tangled with hair-raising suspense that adds heart-pounding tension to every attempt they make at living their unique affair. They faced uncertainty so hectic that staying together was the least of their challenges, and it caused many of their bouts with passion to spiral in and out of chaos. Along their frenzied path to survive, hidden secrets surface about Kellan, prompting each move they make in order to truly set him free. Could Kellan's one true love and passion to fly be the death of him? It's a magnificently inventive adventure of menace, romance, and extreme erotic pleasures.

R Rated Excerpt

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Kellan said. “I only wanted your first flight to be memorable. Next time I’ll  go easy on you.”

“Ppphh! Next time?” Neil spat and started to walk away. “I don’t think so, there isn’t going to be a next time.”

“Get over here.” Still chuckling in a playful manner, Kellan reached for Neil’s wrist and  tugged. “Yes there will be, and I promise I’ll go easy on you.”

Neil jerked and spun into Kellan’s arms, hitting his chest hard. It seemed warmer this time and what Neil liked most of all was when Kellan wrapped his feathery wings around him for that added hug. And then there was the kiss. Another beautiful kiss that transported them to a world of their own and just like before, it was perfect.

Hardly a minute had passed when the thrill of the other’s touch set off definite arousal inside both their jeans that fought like hell to bust loose and connect in a way that only two men could.

Neil brought his hands to Kellan’s bare chest and stroked it. If he wasn’t mistaken, his chest wasn’t as smooth as it was before, maybe superfine feathers like the downy growth found on a newborn bird. It was shadow black where they were at and the darkness kept Neil from being able to tell for sure, but his exploring hands that roamed Kellan’s chest made him grow much harder than he was just seconds ago.

The low moans that came out of Kellan told Neil that whatever was happening between them needed to continue. When he felt Kellan’s tongue push between his teeth, he took that as proof that the angel wanted more of him.

Was it a good thing or a bad idea?  

The night air was still, too still, almost peculiar enough to be a bad sign. It was like the calm before an approaching storm.

Neil longed for more of Kellan, but wasn’t sure it was the best thing for them to do. The idea of getting wrapped up with an angel who just escaped a top-secret government facility might not be a good one. He desperately tried to put his mind elsewhere, anywhere but on the man he was kissing. Anywhere in the universe would do fine, but the thought change wasn’t working to save his ass – he was hooked.


Take To The SkyTake To The Sky by Gregory Jonathan Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can say I haven't quite read a PNR like this one. Yes, I've read about mutated genes, experiments on humans, but not quite like angel/birdman, Kellan, and his "talent". A very erotic talent ;) 

The details in the book are extraordinary, just like the cover of this book. Which was designed by this phenomenal duo. Reading the story, I could actually  feel his feathers. I just want to snuggle in his wings. 

 Me being a Wisconsin girl, I know what Lake Michigan looks like, so I could seefeel, and smell the water and wind and their flights. I could feel the intensity when the Seekers and the agents came. Hearing and feeling the thumping of the chopper blades, all brought the story to life, it had my heart racing.

They way Kellan was written, he was beautiful and vulnerable and their love story was so, so sweet. What I wasn't to happy about, was they kept GOING back for MORE! I wanted to shake them and say FLY AWAY!!! and then it just ended!!! It left you on the edge of your seat. Of course I understand, it's a series and they left you wanting more. What's life without a little cliffhanger, right??
 I am not sure how it is going to play out, an ex- nurse with his angel, living free. I guess I'll have to wait to find out.

I give this book 4 beautiful stars

**Given as an ARC for my honest review**

I have to compare this book with an amusement park ride, stomach dropping wild ride, literally,  soaring across the sky to freefall diving into water this book has it all.  Breathe taking-ly told, I felt like I, myself was flying with Neil and Kellan.  This book takes off with a BANG, and never slows down; When Kellan decides to free himself to “Take to the Sky”  our journey begins.
Death defying acts of courage and blind luck take place while in flight.  I just can’t say enough about the action scenes, what a great job the author does to tell this story.   Free flying to flight battles with Seekers, I caught myself holding my breath and covering one eye.  Never have I read a story with such great action writing.
I give this book 4.5 stars!
Was given this by the author for my honest opinion 


The wonderful fellas also agreed to let me pick Greg's brain... here is what he said in his interview:

Sizzling Hot Books. 2014
What's your favorite restaurant/style of food?  Even though I’m a combo pack of German and Irish, the type of food that comes to mind as a favorite is Thai. Mostly because it’s light, fresh and healthy. I’ve gotta keep my thirty-two inch waist as long as I possibly can.
What's your favorite room to decorate?  I’m attracted to big things and big challenges. So I am going to go with the biggest room in our house, the main living room.
If one song could be the soundtrack to your life, what would it be? ”There’s More to Love Than Boy Meets Girl” by The Communards. Completely explains it all and probably for many others too.
I would like to shout it from the highest mountain
To tell the world I've found love and what it means to me
But all around there's violence and laws to make me think again
Maybe one day they will understand
There's more to love than boy meets girl
For love is strange and uncontrolled, it can happen to anyone
There's more to love than boy meets girl

How can one man decide the fate and destiny of innocent lovers
And why is it less of a crime to take the life of another?
Through time they've always tried to hide and cast aside this love denied
In the shadows we held each other tight
There's more to love than boy meets girl

I saw your face, it caught the light, infatuation swirls inside
My every thought for days was only you
So I'll climb that mountain and shout it loud
I'll never let them bring me down
And one day they will have to understand
There's more to love than boy meets girl
If money were no object, what's one thing you'd buy?  The world, so I could rule it. What? I said I like big things and big challenges.
Best coffee table book?  Open any page in the book OUTBACK by Paul Freeman and you will say, “OMG, I’m gonna need a minute of privacy.”
What's your favorite way to spend lazy Sundays? Lately it’s been lying on the beach to find characters for my next book. Love Lazy Sundays when guys like that walk by.

Where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration? Here in Miami, all we have to do is look out the front room window for inspiration. Gorgeous men everywhere. Hot Damn. Oph, there goes one now. Note to self: Add Zoom lens to camera.
Favorite writing spot? In our library next to the fireplace with a HUGE glass of wine. Oh hell, pass me that bottle, it’s gonna be an all-nighter.
Chris Hemsworth or Liam Hemsworth? Not a fair question, no way. Why can’t I just be the meat in this gorgeous man sandwich?
Most memorable book event?  When Ann Lister tapped me on the shoulder to give me a hug and hand me a gift she brought to Florida all the way from Martha’s Vineyard. It was a thrilling moment for me, one that was anticipated since the day I found out she was going to be there. I was really looking forward to seeing her perky smile in person. When I finally met Ann, I was immediately drawn in by her giggle, her charm, sweet disposition, and willingness to laugh at my corny conversations. We’ve communicated on many occasions via social networks but never had the pleasure of meeting until Rainbow Con in Tampa, FL during the spring of 2014. That was a moment I will always remember.
Coolest person you ever met ((famous person or fellow author)). Aside from Ann Lister who I mentioned already, the most intriguing person I’ve ever met, whom hobnobbed with the famous, was Lucille Ball’s hairdresser, Eleanor. No, Eleanor wasn’t famous as far as that goes but that woman was the coolest person I may have ever met, and she lived a life alongside one of the most iconic silver screen actresses of all times, Lucille Ball. Eleanor told us stories about Lucy. One I distinctly remember where she had dinner with Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Vivian Vance and others that weren’t mentioned just before they all viewed the movie premier of one of their latest works at that time. I’ve held a few notes and letters in my hand that Lucy had written to Eleanor. And the photo book she brought out was most intriguing. Everything was there, just like she said. Holy Crap, I couldn’t believe I was that few degrees away from the Iconic Lucille Ball. I remember one thing Eleanor said about Lucy. She mentioned Lucy was just as witty and aloof off camera as she was in front of it. She was loving, and as average as the neighbor down the street. I thank Eleanor for sharing her life adventures, and because of that, I consider her one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.   
What pushed you to decide to publish? Were you nervous? Why or why not? I’ve been writing stories for several years, and a few of them are still on the shelf waiting to be polished and then published. The reason it took me so long to publish my first book was that I didn’t know where to begin and I lacked the confidence to get my book out there. There wasn’t anything that pushed me into publishing, but who convinced me to let it rip. That person who gave me the confidence was my longtime partner, Scott Burkett at GGR-Review. Seeing his enthusiasm helped me find mine.
Do you normally write with music in the background? Does it fit the mood of the scenes you are writing? Actually I think many authors use music to arouse their creative mind. A tune in the background seems to set a mood as well as spark ideas when a simple word or phrase is heard in the song. I use music as inspiration more than I do a picture of a hot guy with his shirt off or one standing naked in front of me.
How far do you go to research for your books? My research has gone as far as visiting the actual places of the scenes as well as carrying on conversations with people familiar with certain points and ideas mentioned in the books I‘ve written. I am soon to release a short story that was strictly internet researched, which literally saved me a ton of money. Gotta love google.
What was your favorite book to write? My latest book, TAKE TO THE SKY. Why? My main character, Kellan, has been in my head for many years, and I finally reached a point where I felt it was time to bring him to life, and when I did, I fell in love with him. I enjoy this book very much because there’s so much suspense and so many thrills that are wrapped around an amazing and distinctive plot. Even though there are some uniquely erotic sexual situations between an angel and an average man, I categorize this book as a romantic adventure instead one that focuses on page after page of sex. I like intriguing plots in a book that will take me places.
Do you have a favorite character? Was it based of someone you actually know? Kellan from my latest book TAKE TO THE SKY is my all-time favorite character whom I’ve brought to life with great pleasure. I’ve based Kellan on a figment within my imagination, not from anybody I know. He’s been with me for a very long time, in and out of my dreams, as if saying, “Hey, Let me out.” And so, I helped him come OUT.
Anything new and exciting you have going on that we may expect in the future??​ Other than preparing for my second book in the series, Take to the sky, I’m currently working on short stories that are soon to be released. They are gay romances that follow the same trend of my recent and previous books, which will be intertwined with romance, suspense, action and adventure, and yes, erotica.

Thank you for having me as your guest, Gregory Jonathan Scott.  

 Author Bio: 
Gregory Jonathan Scott was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he met and shared a life with Scott that began just out of high school. Meeting by chance in Grand Rapids before relocating to South Florida where they live now with their lovable Shetland sheepdog and a sweet stray cat that showed up one day and decided to make their house a home. As a child, Gregory was always told he had a creative imagination and the artistic ability to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Shortly after high school graduation, and together with his true love Scott, discovered the thrill of pottery and ceramic art. Here is where they opened a business for ceramists that quickly exploded before their eyes as the number one location for any hobbyist, storefront and scholastic industry looking for supplies related to ceramics and pottery. During this time, Gregory was approached by art magazines to write short articles and educational columns pertaining to the ceramic artistry. Captivating readers by his writing style grew fast, which ignited his desire to express himself further. From there, it began. Finding a love for writing, alongside his artistic hand, gave him inspiration to design and write this M/M romance Novel. Gregory and Scott are still together and are currently enjoying home life in South Florida.

 Author Contact Links:

 Grand Prize (US Only): Kindle Fire HD 6 Tablet and a 
Signed Paperback Copy of, Take To the Sky 
 First Prize: E-copies of Take To The Sky, The Plantation Affair and Heartbreak Beat. 
Second Prize: E copy of Take To The Sky RC 

Buy Links:


  1. Thank you for hosting today's tour for Take To The Sky. Very Nicely Done. Thank you, Gregory Jonathan Scott.

  2. Awesome post. I love the reviews and the interview! <3


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