Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Teaser~ Bare-Knuckle Love (Rabid Mongels MC#!) by K.A. Merikan


Jason had his ankles tied to the legs of the chair, so kicking his interrogator was out of the question as well. What was he to say anyway? That he lost his mind because he noticed his high school crush? That wouldn’t fly, even if he lied it was a woman. He needed to think of something better. Only now he realized he'd left his phone at the venue. All blood drained from his face just in time for the door to open. Jason blanked.
Hyde looked down at him, leaning against the doorframe just like Jason remembered him doing back in high school. With his hands in the pockets of loose-fitting jeans that still managed to show off all the delicious lines of Hyde’s hips, he looked masculine and hot without trying. His black tank top revealed toned shoulders, and the arms that used to be just tan skin were now covered by full-sleeve tattoos. Jason’s gaze was drawn to the old-school eagle Hyde got inked on his arm way back, but now, it was woven into a colorful jungle of wild animals shown in the midst of a fight to the death. Hyde had always been handsome, and he still wore his dirty blond hair in the same style— pulled back into a short ponytail— but his features were now so much more masculine. The cleft in his chin was deeper. His hazel eyes brighter. The broad, perfect nose and luscious lips seemed almost obscenely beautiful with the short stubble as a frame. A big, pink balloon of bubblegum leaving Hyde’s lips yanked Jason out of his stupor.
The balloon popped, and Jason still didn’t know what to say. Hyde didn’t seem surprised or bothered by the position Jason was in, and Jason’s heart was sinking by the second. His eyes strayed to the fair hair covering the colorful ink on Hyde’s forearms. He’d lick each one. Unfulfilled fantasies were the last thing that should be on his mind, though, and Jason clenched his teeth tighter.
“You smoke?” asked Hyde, entering the room casually, as if dealing with imprisoned men was something he did every day. He locked the door behind himself and grinned, chewing the gum loudly. His voice had an underlying rasp that tickled each cell in Jason’s body.
Jason’s thighs clenched on their own accord. “No.”
Hyde clapped his hands. “Good. I thought you wouldn’t. Someone like you must take care of themselves, huh?” he asked, leaning against the door. “I changed my clothes just for you. I don’t know if smelling it on someone can give you cancer as well, and we need to take good care of your health now.”
Jason frowned. Was this a veiled threat? A way to cleverly say We can keep you alive for days and days of torment? The hairs on Jason’s forearms bristled as he followed Hyde with his gaze. He doubted Hyde remembered him from school, so those potential points were lost. He used to be a nobody back then. Not that he was much of a celebrity now, but at least he wasn’t scrawny anymore.
Jason couldn’t help his eyes wandering to the hole in the jeans on Hyde’s knee. Just that glimpse of skin gave him goose bumps.
Hyde squinted as the silence became too long. “You not grateful?”
Jason curled his shoulders. “I suppose,” he mumbled, daring to look Hyde up and down. He supposed it didn’t matter what clothes were on a man set to interrogate, torture, or kill him. Then again, if he were to die, he’d like Hyde to be naked. A silly smile forced its way to his lips.
Hyde’s pale eyebrows shot up. “I like jokes. Would you like to share?”
Jason licked his lips. “You wouldn’t find it funny.”

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