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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blog Tour & Giveaway • Bad Day by M.J. Ferguson

bad day (1)
Title: Bad Day

Author: M.J. Ferguson

Cover Artist: M.J. Ferguson

Length: 68 Pages

Release Date: July 16, 2015

Blurb: After experiencing one of the worst days of his life, Greg stops at the first bar he sees to have a few drinks before heading home. There he meets the enigmatic Angel. Unable to resist the pull he feels for the mysterious stranger, Greg soon finds himself falling under Angel’s spell. But will Angel be his saving grace or is he the devil in disguise?

I noticed the glances of a few guys trying to get my attention. I studiously ignored them. They were hot, no doubt about it, but they couldn’t give me what I needed. Sighing, I realized coming here wasn’t a good idea. Especially after the day I had had. I thought--hell, I don’t know what I thought. I didn’t think. I’d reacted on instinct. I had reverted back to how I used to handle things when I felt like I had no control over what was happening in my world. It was a bad idea to come here. I knew it was especially with the mood I was in. It’s just after the cluster fuck that was this day I didn’t want to be alone. But I didn’t want to be anywhere friends or family could find me either. That is why I had turned off my cell. That is why I was in a bar in the seedier part of town. No one would think to look for me here. If they were even looking for me. I wanted to be anonymous.

I took another sip of my scotch contemplating what to do next. I could easily take up one of the not so subtle offers I’d received since coming here. Mindless anonymous sex would no doubt get my mind off of things for a while and the thought of it, of losing myself in some nameless man and forgetting everything for a while held great appeal. It’s what I used to do when I lost the control I had to have to keep my little world running smoothly. But I had curbed that part of my psyche that said it was a good idea. Not only would it not solve anything, I knew from firsthand experience that while it would feel good while it was happening, when it was over I would probably feel even worse than I did now. Besides as hot as the some of the men were in this place, none of them truly appealed to me. For what I wanted, needed only a certain type of man would do. And so far I had noticed no one fitting the bill.

Deciding this was a bad idea; I slugged back the rest of my scotch and winced at the burn as it slid down my throat. I pulled a few bills out of my wallet, slapped them down on the bar and started to get off the bar stool so I could leave. I patted my pocket to confirm my phone was there. I’ll call a cab from outside, I thought. The cool air would probably do me some good.

“You’re not leaving yet are you?” A deep, rough voice said from next to me.

I turned toward the voice to say I don’t know what because the second I turned and our eyes met, I lost not only my breath but the ability to speak as I stared in to the fathomless pools that were his eyes. The lighting wasn’t the greatest-it was a bar after all-so I couldn’t be one hundred percent sure, but his eyes were so dark they appeared obsidian. I wanted to see what the rest of him looked like, but I couldn’t look away from his eyes. It was like his captured mine and wasn’t letting go. My eyes widened in response to the look in his. There was so much heat and lust in those eyes they shined with a feral light. I gulped at that look as my heart raced and my dick twitched.

West Virginia native Miachelle J. Ferguson writes as M.J. Ferguson. M.J. developed a love of reading in the first grade and her voracious appetite for great stories and amazing characters has grown. M.J. discovered her love for writing in the sixth grade and honed her short story and poetry skills through college. M.J. writes about complicated people and relationships, intriguing stories and psychological thrillers. She still lives in West Virginia surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers, family and friends. M.J. is a member of a local writing group The Wicked Wordsmiths of the West.

Winner’s Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Runner-up’s Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card.

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