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Sunday, March 6, 2016


The Angel of 13th Street (The Angel of 13th Street, #1)The Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first Eden Winters book. It's one of those names I've heard mention of in the MM circuit but never got a chance to read yet. When this book came to my attention from Pride Promotions, the blurb really interested me and I snatched this baby up! I'm quite glad I did too, it was a great action book.

Noah, ex-rent boy has gone to the light side. He has made it a life mission to save as many Street kids as he can. That's not the only extraordinary part about the story, it's the events that lead him to this point. Noah has suffered so much in his youth and has become such a strong supporting figure in his adult years, making him "The Angel".

When a starving boy shows up in one of his places of business, being who he is he can't ignore the fact that this boy needs help, and there's something about him that intrigues Noah beyond just another soul to save.

Jeremy was in and out of the foster system and tossed out in his 18th birthday. Jeremy is a fighter though, and wouldn't let petty things like parents and homes get in his way of an education and a chance to make something of himself.

I loved Noah's compassion and bravery and adored Jeremy's intelligence and strength. I wish the story was a smidge longer so we could have gotten in even deeper with these two, but alas, it just means the story was that good and I didn't really want it to end!!

I love a story about getting out of the gutter and broken boys becoming something else.
This particular story is beautiful and heartbreaking and I enjoyed every minute of it.


**given as an ARC for my honest review

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