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Werewolves of ChernobylWerewolves of Chernobyl by K.A. Merikan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am still sitting here debating on how i feel about this.
I loved the writing style, as always, and I think these 3 ladies make an awesome team.
It has grit, it has angst, it has a disfigured character. I mean, What's not to love??

Wellll..... When our Quinn decides to go beyond the borderline that his tour guides set, he runs into Dima, a werewolf shifter called a 'bodark', he is very intrigued and wants to learn more... He didn't really bargain for being 'claimed' as a mate or anything. He isn't even sure what that all means, as they're from two different worlds. So herein lies my 'iffy' factory. When Dima first claims Quinn as his mate, Dima turns into his bodark form. While the form is basically half wolf/half man, my brain is yelling at me that it's border-lining 'beastiality'. Yet, even with that on my brain, I couldn't.stop.READING!!!

Despite my brain yelling at me, this story was awesome. 2 bodarks who can't claim each other as it isn't in their 'rules', the weakest of the pack, Dima, finds himself a human to claim. Nazar, wanting to make Dima happy, takes him to go get his human mate. Being from a world where there is zero interference from the outside world and their rules are the only rules they have ever known, it is completely acceptable to steal a human. In Dima's mind, Quinn giving him a treat was his willingness to be 'his'. They live on an hierarchy systems and Dima being the lowest due to his deformed arm, the only thing lower than him would be a human. Quinn, to Dima, is one sweet smelling human, too.

After Dima claims Quinn, Dima feels he could never bottom for Nazar ever again. He doesn't want to have to submit to anyone ever. It's been his dream, always, do top someone stronger. Little does Dima know that Nazar's dream is to submit. Whaat a pair ((or threesome?)) they make?

Quinn is a curiosity to all the pack members, with his "small TV". He quickly teaches Dima and Nazar that things aren't as they seem with the governing body keeping them on their lands. This new information is what Nazar and Dima need to finally take the jump in leaving the pack. Of course there is some major drama that gets in the way, but I will leave you to read all that, as I don't want to give away the entire story. Just know that it is hot MMM and some knotting, and some hairy beasties who will become very endearing to you. I cannot imagine them without each other, I feel these ladies did a great job bringing these 3 together, its a pretty tough thing to achieve.

all in all i give it 4.5*

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