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Blog Tour, Reviews, & Some Giveaways ~ Smoke & Mirrors by Charlie Cochet


Hello all! Welcome back to the Smoke & Mirrors blog tour, celebrating the release of book 7 in the THIRDS series.

 In the first chapter of Smoke & Mirrors we’re introduced to a new key player in the THIRDS world. He goes by the name Wolf, but has also been known as Fang and Reaper. Wolf is—unsurprisingly—a wolf Therian. He’s a mystery. He’s also responsible for a great deal of pain brought down on our hero Dexter J. Daley. Who is Wolf? Where did he come from, and why would a guy who’s physically tortured Dex be a key player? A few of those questions are answered in Smoke & Mirrors.

Wolf’s past is revealed in Smoke & Mirrors, but even then, he’s much more than who he used to be. We don’t get the full extent of what he’s been through, or why he’s ended up working for the highest bidder. Wolf is lethal, exceptionally trained, and carries out the most heinous acts while impeccable dressed in an expensive suit. He’s sophisticated, smooth, incredibly intelligent, and handsome. He also seems to know everything and everyone. He also appears to be impossible to catch.

By the end of Smoke & Mirrors we get the feeling we’ll be hearing from Wolf again, and we will in book 8. In fact, we’ll get to learn all kinds of things about Wolf, including his real name. So how do you redeem a character that tortures your hero? The answer is, you don’t. Wolf is who he is. He may choose to follow his heart instead of his head, but he would do so knowingly. Wolf isn’t one to leave anything to chance.

Wolf took no pleasure in what he did, telling Dex he didn’t like hurting good men, yet he carries on with what he was hired to do. How far would he have gone? Who knows. Wolf is a complicated guy with many secrets. Of course even for super spy/assassins, secrets have a way of resurfacing. Right now, most readers probably want to do to Wolf what he did to Dex. Will things change the more we get to know Wolf? We’ll have to see, but one thing is certain, we’ll be seeing much more of him, and he’ll definitely be keeping Dex and Sloane on their toes.

My inspiration for Wolf is the handsome Henry Cavill. I chose him for very specific reasons, and not just because he’s dashingly handsome. Check out my THIRDS Inspiration board on Pinterest for lots of inspirational pics, including Wolf, Dex, Sloane, and the rest of the THIRDS characters.


Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance
  Series: THIRDS
  Length: Novel 
Published: July 8th, 2016 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press 
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
  Ebook ISBN-13: 9781634773871 
Paperback ISBN-13: 9781634773874

Life for Dexter J. Daley has never been easy, but he’s always found a way to pick himself back up with a smile on his face. Taken from his home, and the arms of his boyfriend and THIRDS partner, Sloane Brodie, Dex finds himself in a situation as mysterious and lethal as the Therian interrogating him. Dex learns what he’s secretly believed all along: his parents’ death wasn’t an accident.

Discovering the whole truth about John and Gina Daley’s homicide sets off a series of events that will change Dex and Sloane’s lives forever. As buried secrets rise to the surface and new truths are revealed, Dex and Sloane’s love for each other is put to the test, with more than their relationship on the line. If traversing the waters of murder and secret government agencies wasn’t enough, something inexplicable has been happening to Dex—and nothing will ever be the same.


Have Coffee. Will trade for kiss.

This story was classic Charlie and classic THIRDS.
ALWAYS except a ridiculously funny scene amongst the chaos (ball pit, that’s all I’m saying) . The story can’t be ALL drama.
Expect a lot of steam, because let’s face it, these guys are H-O-T.
The story kicks off right after Against the Grain. Dex has been taken so we wake up a bit disoriented.
We get to meet a new character, Mr. Wolf. He’s an intriguing sort (think Henry in Man from U.N.C.L.E. ;D) He has an air of mystery about him and many-an-alias. He’s pretty hard for even the Tin Men to track down. ((I also see a future series with him in it, hmmm??)

Anyways. There are a few instances I was like “I KNEW IT!” and I’m sure once you get there, you’ll be saying it too. But the road leading to that is all mystery and action and you won’t be disappointed.

Originally I thought this was going to be about Seb and Hudson, don’t worry, there time is coming and it will be glorious!!! For now, it’s a lot more Dex and Sloane, and oooh boy do things get interesting. Whole new levels of interest. Of course they have their ups and downs as they grow as a couple and living together. I think in many ways they are still maturing and some lessons have been learned.  I am very excited about what’s to come!!

“I know I lose my way sometimes, but if you’re here, I’ll always find my way back.”

The story does get split wide open. A lot of things are revealed, especially where Dex’s parents are concerned, but with new questions at hand, there is plenty of adventure to go around.
Thankfully this isn’t a cliffhanger like AtG. It’s actually quite sweet and I was reading it through happy tears. I am so happy for these guys!!

I found him mom, I found him

I definitely give it 5 *

Charlie has once again knocked it out of the park with the 7 book in the THIRDS world, Smoke and Mirrors!! This picks up right where Catch a Tiger ends, so you're not left hanging after the cliffy that you were left with at the end off book 6.
I honestly don't think I have ever read a series that I absolutely love each of the characters, but I have to say I still think Dex and Sloane are still my favorites.
This book has all the feels! You're on the edge of your seat with the action You're fanning yourself with the hot and steamy sexy times. You're laughing your a** off, ball pit anyone? And of course you have a little leakage in the eye area from time to time. Oh and let's not forget the WTF moments along with the I KNEW IT times too.  
If you haven't started the THIRDS series, I highly suggest you do ASAP. With 7 books so far in this series I have yet to have not loved each and every one of them.
Oh and for all you cliffaphobes, I am happy to announce there is no cliffy in this installment!!!

I give this book *****5***** Fantastic Stars!

It’s very rare to find an author who can follow through with a story that can keep you 100% invested that you as a consumer are willing to buy EACH book in ebook, paperback AND audiobook. But, Charlie does this, she has brought together a universe that we NERDS love. We are this elite group of men and women who is totally vested into the THIRDS universe. This is not a standalone series, this is a contuinous series that will have you changing your favorite characters multiple times in each and every book. In Smoke and Mirrors is no exception, I, for one was not a fan of Ash in the first couple of books, but he is now my favorite character after Dex. This book starts the “itsallcomingtogether” it answers a lot of questions but still leaves some things unanswered. Charlie is a wonderful storyteller, one that gives you lots of feels and has you snorting in laughter on the next page. I highly recommend this series to anyone, even if they don’t read M/M genre. 





Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From adventurous agents and sexy shifters, to society gentlemen and hardboiled detectives, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!
Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.




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  1. Whom to choose among the THIRDS. As much I like each team member, I'll cuddle Ash up. Just because! ;-)) Let's just say we were fellow lions, albeit in a different way..

  2. That's just mean making me pick a favorite! I'll go with Dex as we share a love of the 80's and he never fails to make me smile. :)

  3. I'm gonna go with Hobbs simply for the fact that I just want to cuddle him. ❤❤❤

  4. I have the first 2 books on my TBR, I really need to move them up!

  5. i love dex ...he seems to be about my ago and loves the same type of music as myself

  6. Dex is my favorite THIRDS character, because his shenanigans never fail to make me laugh. And when he gets all intense and protective of his loved ones, I'm even more of a goner. Also, I love Ash more than words can express, because, and please don't tell him I said this, his grumpiness is adorable, as is his love for a certain Cheetah Therian. ;-)

    As for happily ever afters, I really want to see Seb & Hudson happy, so the next THIRDS book can't come fast enough for me. <3

  7. How can I chose between Hobbs and Ash ? They are so different but I like them both equally !!

  8. I can't choose between Seb and Ash! I love them both! ^_^

  9. Dex! He's my favourite by far. I just love him!

  10. Favorite THIRDS character is definately Dex. He's just so sweet, fun and lovable. But underneath that charming exterior, he's brave, loyal, (protective) and uber protective. I just love his whole character. He's like the total package!

  11. LOVED Smoke & Mirrors! Dex is definitely my favorite...followed by Ash :P

    1. Ariel, you're our paperback WINNER!! Please email me your mailing address.
      Send it to and thanks for coming to play!! <3

  12. I really love Hobbs! He is such a great character and demonstrates that you can accomplish so much even when so much is trying to hold you back. Love the Thirds so much! Can't wait for more! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!
    Alaina aegger.echo(at)yahoo(dot)com

  13. I adore Sloane (and Dex too!) but it's Sloane who has my heart

  14. I love all the characters, but Dex is my fav. I also have a soft spot for Austen.

    Thanks for the fantastic reviews!

  15. Adore this series. Dex is my fave though. Heart broke for him with all the revelations the team made this time round.

  16. I still need to read the latest one, but im so scared for dex.

    1. Don't be scared!! It's so wonderful I happy cried!! :D

  17. Ariel Cowger is our WINNER!!! Thanks for stopping by everyone! and come back on Monday for our 2016 Summer Blog Hop! There will be LOADS of giveaway!! <3 <3



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