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Blood Moon Pack Alliance Series Review & Giveaway by SE Welsh

Blood Moon Pack Alliance - S A Welsh

Author: SA Welsh

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Series Blurb

Remy’s life was turned upside down when Alpha Trevor, a controlling and sly leader concerned only with power, threatened his mother and a primal strength awakened inside him. He challenged the tyrannical alpha and defeated him. Now he is alpha, but Trevor isn’t going away quietly to lick his wounds. Trevor is much more devious than that. Remy and his pack have to navigate through plots and schemes created by such a formidable enemy who is willing to do anything it takes to steal back control and rule not only the Blood Moon Pack but all of the paranormal world.

Lines are drawn, alliances are made, and mates are found, but will it be enough when the lies and treachery go far deeper than they know? Spies infiltrate and enemies circle, waiting for an opportunity to strike. The people closest to Remy are at greatest risk and some suffer more than anyone should at the hands of those seeking power. Vampires and shifters alike in the Blood Moon Pack Alliance must fight to keep each other safe and hope that love and family will be enough to give them the strength to weather the storm ahead.


I'm SA Welsh and I write because I love reading and I love letting the characters and stories in my head come to life in a book. I can't function in the morning without a cup of tea and when I'm not writing, I'm reading. Thank you to all the readers that let me keep writing and to the authors that keep me up at night reading a thrilling chapter and also to the editors that help make my books the best they can be.

Happy reading :)


I really liked the story behind this series. I liked how diverse all the shifters were, it isn't just wolves, you have several species of shifters in one pack. Throw in a few vampires and, to me, you have a PNR trifecta! There is quite a bit of mystery and action involved  so you always seem to be kept on your toes. And the sexy times….HOT!! Threesome anyone??  
With all that being said, I did have a hard time keeping up from time to time. There were times that I had to flip back a page or two because it just seems like the timing was not consistent or that the flow was off. I really think that better editing would have made the series more enjoyable for me.  

Just an FYI, this series isn't over. We are still waiting for some of the guys to find their mates, and for one in particular to pull his head out of his a**. I give the entire series a 3.75*

Bare with me everyone, as I have gone through and did small reviews for each book. If you're still with me at the end, well... there isn't much there except a giveaway ;)

Blood Moon Pack Alliance by SE Welsh

I gotta say, as a whole, this series is good. The premise, the characters (good and bad), the world they live in, the imagination behind the blood mates, the mystery of the mate blocking plants, the fast paced action, the intense matings, and the impending war that’s causing a stronger alpha. I love all these things, it’s all the things that make up a great story/series I give the overall series so far a 3.75* rating

Book 1 Blind Under the Moon is about Remy Lupe & his vampire mate, Skylar. Remy finds himself summoned by his Alpha, Trevor, to get information out of a vampire he has captured by any means necessary. Remy doesn’t quite know it at first but this is a test of loyalty his Alpha is putting him through. Alpha Trevor has been seeing something in Remy and wants to pull it out of him. Of course, Remy fails and saves this vampire prisoner. He has to challenge his Alpha or die from refusing a direct order. Remy engages Trevor in a fight, but Trevor is too slippery and escapes in defeat and Remy ends up with this new position, and a vampire to attend to. Turns out, this isn’t just any vampire, but a blind one, and his mate.
I like the third shifting idea, reminds me of the underworld wolves or lycans. I like the sense of mystery with this strange poison and what it's doing to the pack and possibly the vampires and the why's of it all. 

What I really suggest though is an editor. The book didn't have a very good flow, and I didn't find the sense of humor very funny. I thought for a "proper" vampire, Skylar sounded kind of bratty and his dog jokes sounded demeaning to his wolf mate. I also got confused at times, it felt like the conversation was going one way and then ended up going another way, as of too many people are trying to talk at once. 

Book 2 Fanging Around is about Vampire Elders Van & Lavi and their Mon âme souer sang (or blood mate) , Jacko, the wolf shifter.
Remy holds “tryouts” for his new inner circle, and he invites all types of shifters from every walk of life to enter. Jacko hears about it and decides to tryout, trying to find a way to get him and his little sister out of the situation they’re in with their mother. Shes pure evil and treats these kids like property instead of people and Jacko will try anything to save his sister.
Unfortunately Jacko gets knocked out by another shifter who cheated in tryouts, but Remy still sees something in him to invite him to stay and Remy plans a rescue mission to get his sister out of the house. As you’ll find out with this series, nothing really goes as planned, and there is a lot of action and violence. There’s also another clue as to who is helping Trevor with his secret concoction.

The story gets better as it unfolds, and the writing itself has definitely gotten better. 

I'm still deciding on if I think it's cool who Van and Lavi really are as those are some of my favorite vampire stories. 

I realize Jacko has a past and is broken, but I didn't really feel the intenseness of it, maybe because things are happening so fast? I'm not sure but it feels like its only one layer when there is the potential for multiple. Hopefully it'll come out a little more throughout the series. I will say though, the scenes with these 3 are pretty impressive!! I really like these guys together and Jacko’s sister is adorable, especially with Elder Dimitri

Book 3 Piercings and Sandpaper Kisses is about Remy’s brother, Zeke, and vampire Ashlock.
Zeke is from another pack having chosen to follow his sisters after they mated to keep an eye over them. Unfortunately Alpha Trevor gets to Zeke’s Alpha and pack, and they try to severe him and his sisters from the pack and take their pups. He loses everything and is forced to grab his sisters and nieces and run to Remy’s pack. He has now lost everything from his life, his pack, his best friend, his business, and all his savings. He also has a secret aversion to vampires after a night of being “persuaded” by a sadistic vampire.  This doesn’t bode well for his future mate, Ashlock. He must try to break through Zeke’s walls to show him that not all vampires are evil.

I am up in the air on this one. 

The fight and chase in the beginning was pretty kick ass. The idea of being cut-off from the pack was intriguing, and the fact these wolves are being controlled by an outside force is a mystery. I like how it's unwinding more as the series goes, and THAT is what keeps me reading it. I also liked the fact that these 2 didn't immediately fall into each other and become all lovey dovey. There was a bit of anger and some groveling. 

I will repeat though that an editor is needed. This book is choppy and thoughts are all over the place. One minute he's on the internet on his phone ordering gummie vampire teeth and the next minute the doorbell is ringing delivering Micah a weird package, it was a bit confusing. Same thing when he was visiting his sisters and the mini spices, one minute the kids are playing a racing video game, then they're outside, but then they're learning another language. 

All that aside though, it is an interesting series and I will be continuing on to Micah's story. 

Book 4 Should Have Put A Leash On It  is about brother Micah and Remy’s best friend and Second in command, Ryland. Ryland has been with the Lupe family since he was 5. He has been like a brother almost his whole life, and has known he has been in love with Zeke since he was 16. Zeke just thought he was a silly teenager and not ready for anything of the sort, and this starts the rocky relationship of jabs between Zeke and Ryland for many, many years. Zeke always thinks it’s just good ole fashioned teasing and doesn’t realize Ryland takes it all to heart and thinks Zeke really hates him. It takes a blind vampire to see what is really happening and points it out to Zeke. Zeke doesn’t quite believe him, but when Ryland gets taken and is missing for 6 weeks, it really opens Zeke’s eyes. This story seems angrier than the rest of the series. The anguish this causes in Micah and Alpha Remy is sad.

When he is found, it's sort of a relief, except it also isn't. Everyone feels guilty. 

They also find out that Rylan has been tampered with by this suspicious poison Trevor has concocted. They decide to let it play out to see what happens. Things aren't so pretty when the switch is flipped. Following Rylan while Trevor is in control leads them to one of Trevor's hideouts. Unfortunately, he gets away again, but they're. step closer to finding out a counter serum and the mystery of who's backing Trevor in all this. 

I like how the mating didn't hit Micah, that he didn't feel the pull like the others, because as Skylar points out, he's always loved Rylan. It's a very sweet notion, and different from the other pairings. It’s refreshing to know that not all pairings are going to end up a like or even instant like Remy and Skylar.

Book 5 What’s Your Poison is about Jackal Shifter Jake, who is part of the Alliance Coven ran by Elders Van and Lavi. He is their coven’s scientist and has been working diligently on finding the serum to cure the mating block poison. In this book, he actually finds the antidote and distributes it to all the couples. This is basically a bunch of short stories as to what happens to each couple that has mated so for when the block dissipates. Hold on to your seats and get a spray bottle, because it’s a pretty steamy ride!!

This is probably one of my favorites in the series so far. I feel so bad for Jake. He has fund his mate, but his mate Sage Lupe, brother or Remy, will not claim him and has told Jake this much. Sage then leaves in a mission to speak to their godfather, because things on the council aren’t as they seem. The end of the story just rips your heart out and you just bleed for Jake.

Book 6 30 Pieces of Bloody Silver is about Asher Lupe and vampire, Kimi, from the Alliance Coven ((plus a mystery mate))

Asher and Kimi don’t seem to get along, in fact it doesn’t seem like Kimi likes anyone, especially Jacko. Asher and Kimi’s last run in was when Asher came to the coven house so that Jake could test the new antidote on him and record his brain waves while doing it. It was a less thanfriendly interaction between Asher and Kimi, almost resulting in a fight. This behavior makes a few pack members a bit suspicious. So when a group of Jackals try to break in to kidnap Jake to take back to his ex-Alpha to distract them from seeing a vampire trying go get in to steal the pups, all signs point to Kimi. Conveniently, Kimi has disappeared.

One of Asher’s skills as beta from his old pack was tracking, so he seems like the perfect candidate to track Kimi down using his old Alpha’s territory to sneak in..
After some investigation and bribery, he finds Kimi at a night club. Upon entering the club, he discovers he’s entered a gay club ((our Asher is a straight man)) after meeting a very colorful man named Tyler who has nominated to be his gay guard to keep all the others away from Asher.  Their interactions are funny and charming and Tyler decides to help Asher locate Kimi.

Of course Trevor has his nose in everything, so when Asher apprehends Kimi, he’s approached by a strange boy with a burner phone. On the line is someone who has taken Tyler and wants to do a trade for Kimi. Asher being who he is can’t ignore this, he won’t let an innocent man get caught in the crosshairs of this shifter war, so he agrees to go to the location sent by the mysterious caller. When he gets there, there is a package that contains items, such as Tyler’s shirt he was wearing. Now that all the smells from the club are gone and Asher is pumped full of antidote, he gets hit with the scent of his mate, again, and now he will most certainly do whatever it takes to get his mate back.

Asher is stuck between loyalty to his pack, his Alpha and his mates, and it wreaks havoc on his system and all he can do is shut down. HE knows he is mates with Kimi and Trevor, but he had to put Kimi in a cell until they can find out who is behind the attempted kidnapping and he isn’t sure what to do. He doesn’t necessarily trust Kimi but he also cannot deny his mate. Kimmi having been poisoned by the mate blocker is fed the antidote with Asher’s blood and things get real interesting pretty quick….

I really like Asher and I thought it was so endearing that he took on adopting Parker, a 15 y.o. lost pup. I also loved that he was still close with his old pack, and Alpha Garen's mom is so badass. 

This story still holds a lot of mystery, between Kimi, his sister, what Trevor's still up to, the jackals and Jake's ex-alpha and even where Sage went. 

What's Your Poison left us with our hearts breaking for Jake, and it still continues in this book. I love how Asher weedles his way in as Jake's friend though and has his back, trying to get him comfortable into choosing Blood Moon as his pack. Asher really seems like the friend you want to have, but I really cannot wait for Jake & Sages story.

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