Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Release ~ Hades in Love by Mel Bossa

Hades in LoveHades in Love by Mel Bossa
My rating: 3*

I think the art of perfume was the poetry in this book.
It was almost like a side character to Harris aka Hades. The way the book was broken down like a perfume scent and the Greek mythology made it all very alluring, romantic, and mysterious. When Harris would explain scents and notes, you could almost smell them right along with him.

Hades, as Harris is known, because of his dark presence, seems to either scare people off or allure them to him. While I love this notion, I only got that from him in maybe the first chapter. After he meets Pallas, or Jude, it all kind of falls away. I'm not sure if this is good or bad.

Meeting Pallas, your first impression is he's cold and controlled. He plays this part well for awhile. He seems to go hot and cold over and over, which in turn makes Harris seem kind of lovesick and needy.
It turns into this cycle of "I love you for who you are-You should stop doing what you're doing-Im sorry, please don't go". The merry-go-round got a little frustrating, but there were also some great moments in this story.

Once Harris finally gets to peel back the layers of Jude, and they're finally on the same footing, it's a glorious thing. I love the idea of their suits and the light with the dark, yin and yang thing they have going on.

One thing I am confused about that I wish something more would have happened was Harris's mentor and his possible backstabbing tendencies. I really wish that would have been resolved. This is an instant attraction book that does move rather quickly. I feel like the story could have stretched a little more, making their love burn a little hotter and longer and giving more depth to certain parts of the story.

Given all that, I do find the characters intriguing and I loved the concept of the whole story. I was engaged the entire time and had I not needed some sleep, would have finished this in one sitting. I give it a solid 3*

Meet the Author:

Mel Bossa is a bisexual writer, Lambda Award finalist and author of numerous LGBT novels. She lives in Montreal's gay village with her bi partner and their three rebellious and sarcastic teenagers. And that's entirely her fault. They were raised that way.

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