Thursday, February 1, 2018

Velvet Claw by L.J. Hamlin

Velvet ClawVelvet Claw by L.J. Hamlin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the fact that these Felids, while in "human form" we're still part cat. The idea of still having soft fur, etc..was intriguing. Reminded me a bit if Thundercats. The fact that the old beliefs, they we're worshipped like Gods was neat too, and how the fall of those Gods let to their "downfall" as well. Later to lead to discrimination and unsanctioned lab testing. I can see how these Felids would fear and dislike humans and segregate themselves.

What I didn't so much love about this book was ALL the drama. You have this Doctor who focuses on research and trying to cure people. So much so that he comes to help a fellow doctor try and crack a mysterious illness, purely out of the goodness of his heart, and now all of a sudden it seems everyone wants to kill him. Ok, like 2 different people, or organizations, but both were unrelated. It seems like the second one came out of left field too, it had absolutely nothing to do with the main story. I think it had more to do with a plot to keep the Doctor and his "babysitter" together, but it just seemed a little excessive what the doctor had to do...and he seemed to have taken it all like a champ, with no real after thoughts. I'm sure I'd be in therapy, so it just seemed a bit unrealistic (I know, it's about human cats, but still!)

Other than that, this was an interesting take on shifters and I thought the premise was good. 


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