Thursday, March 15, 2018

Authors (Bloggers and Readers) Helping Authors

The MM world, as most of us know, has been in an upheaval all week, f*ck, longer than that. Weeks, years…Any ways, the head came to burst last week with the betrayals and gaslighting of one specific author. I am sure we all know the story by now.

Riding the tailcoat of that is some reorganizing of one of the larger publishing companies. They’ve got some major changes coming, and I really hope they can pull through that. In the meantime, a lot of authors are pulling their rights to their books and are re-homing them. Most of them can’t afford to do this, new covers, etc..  Especially if they’ve got multiple books in a series.

My co-bloggers and I, Stephanie GooglyEyes as you may know me on GoodReads, have decided to come together and offer in ways we know how. Promotion, reviews, and we decided to ban together donations for an eBook cover ((multiple covers if donations get higher)) through Garrett Leigh Author Page design company- Black Jazz Designs by Garrett Leigh

If anyone else wants to help us, let us know or you can follow this link to the PayPal donations Money Pool EBook Cover Donations or email at
We've all ready got a few donations from some dedicated readers and we couldn't be more thankful for such a lovely bunch!

If you would like to help in your own way, you can fill out this document:

One thing I will say about the reading community is, even though we have our downs, we also have our ups. This sense of community and coming together to support one another, whether you be an author, blogger, reader…most of all a reader, is just outstanding and I am glad to be here. <3 <3 <3

Much love to you all,
We Three Queens BB

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