Thursday, May 3, 2018

New Release, Review and #Giveaway ~ Hawk in the Rowan by Sam Burns

Length: 45,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Melanie Harlow @ Clause & Effect

The Rowan Harbor Cycle Series

Book #3 - Fox and Birch


Devon Murphy has been back in Rowan Harbor for three months. He’s taken on a host of new responsibilities, and is in a serious relationship for the first time in his life. He loves the town and its inhabitants, but it’s starting to feel like too much for the former drifter.

Now there’s a storm on the horizon, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to slow down and let him catch his breath. A blizzard is brewing, and three people have gone missing in the woods south of town. Devon needs to find them before time runs out.

This book is the fourth of nine in The Rowan Harbor Cycle, not a standalone. Devon and Wade will return in book seven for their HEA.

May 5 - Mikku-chan

Reviewed by:

In this installment of the series we're back to more Devon and Wade. These two make me so happy, because they're so different. Wade is all seriousness and Devon is, well, not. He's kind of a klutz (why are klutzes so endearing?) and a little goofy.

There's a new threat in town and what I love most about this series is, it's full of unlikely heroes. It isn't fully Devon who saves the day, but a little old postal employee. One that people seem either afraid of or ignore.

In the first book Devon is portrayed as a black bird, but as the series progresses and he grows stronger, he's no longer portrayed as prey, but as a predator. Even though he can be "dangerous" he is not, at least not to those he is trying to protect. 

The children in this story were adorable calling him "Mr. Wade". I also had a chuckle at story time with the retelling of "The Little Red Riding Hood". Kind of comes full circle from book one (and our heroes a ginger ;) ) I also learned something new. I didn't know rowan was a plant (shrubbery) that the town is named after, which also holds special properties for this town. 

Again, I cannot tell you how much I love Oaks character. They makes me smile with all their "properness". I just love the way they speak.

I can't wait to see more of these characters, especially Cassidy, I think she's going to be pretty badass.

About The Author

Sam wrote her first fantasy epic with her best friend when she was ten. Like almost any epic fiction written by a ten year old, it was awful. She likes to think she’s improved since then, if only because she has better handwriting now.

If she’s not writing, she’s almost certainly either reading or lost down a wikipedia rabbit hole while pretending to research for a novel.

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