Friday, June 8, 2018

Series Recap Blitz & Giveaway- Boystown Series by Marshall Thornton

Series Recap Blitz

Boystown Series

Boystown Bundle 1 - 3 - Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #4 A Time For Secrets - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #5 Murder Book - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #6 From The Ashes - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #7 Bloodlines - Amazon US | Amazon UK (ON SALE for 99c)
Book #8 The Lies That Bind - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #9 Lucky Days - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #10 Gifts Given - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #11 Hearts Desire - Amazon US | Amazon UK (PREORDER)

All available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited.

The Series

The Lambda Award-winning Boystown Mysteries detail the cases of former police officer-turned-private investigator Nick Nowak. Set in Chicago and covering the period between 1981 and 1984, the ten books follow Nick as he struggles with memories of his abrupt departure from the CPD and the end of his long-term relationship with librarian Daniel Laverty. He moves through a series of casual tricks until he meets homicide detective Bert Harker with whom he begins a tentative relationship.

As cynical and difficult as the city he calls home, Nick doggedly pursues his cases and often solves them out of sheer stubbornness. He relies on help from a charming cast of characters, who provide clues and comfort in equal measure. Beyond the mobsters and murderers, Nick encounters a larger villain looming on the horizon. A villain who begins striking down Nick’s friends and lovers, bringing the freewheeling fun of the early eighties to an end.

Book 1 Review:

This book gives you a pretty clear perspective about how gays were treated in the 80's. Having been a cop who got outted against his will, he lost his job and his family. What's more, when his old "work buddies" would see him driving and felt like messing with him, they pull him over for things like "broken taillights" which weren't broken until he was pulled over. It's little injustices like that that really piss me off. From previous movies I've seen, and this could definitely be glorified in some way, once gay men started coming out, they really started coming out And weren't going back in (ie: watch The Normal Heart) and it seems they were very, very casual about sex. Especially unprotected. This must be pre-AIDS scare, so I'm wondering if that will come out in the sequels to book 1. 

Author Bio

Marshall Thornton is known for the Lambda Award-winning Boystown Mysteries. His comedic novels include The Ghost Slept Over, My Favorite Uncle and the Lambda Finalist for Gay Romance, Femme. Marshall holds an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA and has had plays produced in both Chicago and Los Angeles and stories published in The James White Review and Frontier Magazine.

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