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The Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza ~ An Audio Review

It started as a simple assignment for Aussie bush guide Dave Taylor – escort a lone Englishman in quest of an unknown species of butterfly. 
However Nicholas Goring is no ordinary tourist, his search is far from straightforward, and it’s starting to look as if the butterflies don’t want to be found. 
As Dave teaches Nicholas everything he needs to survive in the Outback he discovers that he too has quite a bit to learn – and that very often the best way to locate something really important is just not to want to find it…

This was such a sweet and Magical book. 
When Nicholas steps off the plane, he is not quite what Davy expected. All tall and lean and quite...clumsy. Nicholas will tell you he was stunned by Davy's beauty though ;) 
Davy and Nicholas are to spend 3 months together in the Outback to find a mysterious butterfly. Davy is a little uncomfortable with the flirting, mainly because he has only been used to Denise (aka Denny) and also, he's not interested in men, or…

Review & Giveaway ~ OF Gods and Monsters:Hades by Wulf Francu Godgluck

Author Name: Wulf Francu Godgluck Book Name: Of Gods and Monsters: HadesSeries: Of Gods and MonstersBook: TwoBook may be read as as standalone, but it is suggested you read both for the full story Release Date: January 22, 2016  Pages or Words: 118,000 words Categories: Contemporary, Crimed Fiction, Erotica, Gay Fiction, Romance, Thriller Publisher: Wulf Francu Godgluck  Cover Artist: Wulf Francu Godgluck

******WARNING*******  This is not a story about a hero, or some bad boy-badass-antihero. This is a love story between two monstrous villains and one valiant kid, held together by their entwined heartstrings. It won't be pretty. It won't be pleasant. There's no fluffy good feelings about it. It will rip out your heart and never give it back. Breno Hades el Oscuro took no bullshit from anyone. He ruled the crime world of the United States. When the King fell, what was left in the ashes was not the small boy that grew up without his father, not the same kid that chose a li…

Release Day & Giveaway ~ Flying Solo by Susan Mac Nicol

Title: Flying Solo
Series: Men of London #6 Author: Susan Mac Nicol Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: M/M Romance Release Date: January 28, 2016

Flight attendant Maxwell Lewis has spent years cultivating a bon vivant image only to find he finally wants something more—and that something more includes the never-does-repeats game designer Gibson Henry.

Maxwell Lewis is proud of the life he’s made. Having turned tragedy into triumph, he’s now a beloved member of a Target Airlines cabin crew with more than his fair share of attention both in the air and on the ground. But lately he’s wanted something more than the occasional hook-up or sometime sex buddy—particularly after meeting game designer and passenger Gibson Henry.

Talented and driven, Gibson has built a company ready to be the next big thing in gaming. Devoted to his work, he takes onetime pleasures where he finds them and never does repeats…which is what he tells handsome, sexy Maxwell Lewis after a …

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Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY ~ Full Domain by Kindle Alexander

Title: Full Domain Series: Nice Guys Novel #3 Author: Kindle Alexander Genre: M/M Romance Published: January 12, 2016

Honor, integrity, and loyalty are how Deputy US Marshal Kreed Sinacola lives his life. A former SEAL now employed by the Special Operations Group of the US Marshal Service, Kreed spent most of his life working covert operations and avoiding relationships. Never one to mix business with pleasure, his boundaries blur and his convictions are put to the test when he finally comes face-to-face with the hot computer geek he’s been partnered with. Hell-bent on closing the ongoing case for his longtime friend, he pushes past his own limits and uncovers more than he expects. Aaron Stuart strives for one thing: justice. Young and full of idealism, his highly sought after computer skills land him a position with the National Security Agency. Aaron’s biggest hazard at his job is cramped fingers, but all that changes when he is drawn into the middle of a dangerous federal investigation. …